The CDO is another IT leadership role focusing on digitally transforming traditional businesses– translating analog business processes into digital ones. They focus on how data can drive innovation and improve company operations. In short, Chief Information Officers are often the highest-level IT leaders in an organization. Many other IT leaders, including CDOs, report directly to the CIO, who, in turn, reports to the CEO and the board. It’s safe to say that not all companies opt to fill all these roles, but for those that do, all employees must understand the distinctions between them. Digital adoption largely depends on the roles and responsibilities of those tasked with driving it.

  • Long term, CloudOps can enable organizations to become more proactive and efficient, and to achieve better business outcomes.
  • Research and commercial organizations can use the upgraded, open-source Meta AI engine for free.
  • They work closely with one another, but each role has distinctly different jobs.
  • The CDO is another IT leadership role focusing on digitally transforming traditional businesses– translating analog business processes into digital ones.

CIOs must recognize their new role as service providers, guiding other departments through the transition to the cloud, while still allowing them to take responsibility for their solutions. CFOs must take ownership for their finance systems, while also recognizing and relying on the expertise of the CIO. The relationship between CFOs and CIOs is changing as a result of the digitization of business and the increasing popularity of cloud deployments for B2B software. To guarantee organizational success, companies must ensure their CFOs and CIOs can work collaboratively, aligning over a set of core principles and policies. The IT department and the CIO also stand to gain from the cloud, as it reduces the team’s responsibility in supporting finance applications and lowers overhead technology costs. Kagansky replaces Steve Nichols, who served as chief technology officer in Georgia for 20 years before stepping down last month.


Often when companies make the leap to cloud, they keep the same IT operational processes and tools they used in operating traditional systems in a data center. However, those traditional processes and tools often don’t translate well to a cloud environment that’s much more architecturally complex—think multi and hybrid cloud architectures. As a result, Ops teams are often left in a reactionary posture, chasing solutions with inadequate information, tools, and processes as problems get worse. Becoming a data-driven business is a key tenet of an Autonomous Digital Enterprise . An ADE is any organization that embraces intelligent, tech-enabled systems across every facet of the business to thrive during seismic changes.

Automate data collection and processing and create algorithms to make the analytics process consistent and pain-free. A good analytics system will enable business leaders to present the data in a way that informs business operations by reporting on products, customers, operations, and markets. In many organizations, the chief data officer also works closely with the chief marketing officer to use data to improve customer interactions, support customer experience and ultimately drive sales. We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Part-Time Chief Technology Officer .

What are the responsibilities of a CTO?

In short, CIOs are extending their responsibilities beyond IT service management to include business strategy and the six sigma process of business transformation. Most companies have a business or IT leader at the executive level in one or more of these roles. They work closely with one another, but each role has distinctly different jobs. As CDO, you will be responsible for driving data security awareness across the organization by outlining and enforcing rules, rights, and accountabilities.

chief cloud officer

Previously, he led Blue Mountain Labs, helping organizations find value in cloud and other emerging technologies. The CDO is expected to collaborate with other executives on data-driven initiatives and the analysis of data. In some organizations, data analysis is the responsibility of the chief analytics officer, along with other tasks similar to the CDO, including data strategy, treating data as an asset and deriving value from data. The CAO often reports to the CEO, but the position sometimes reports to the CDO. However, many organizations may not have a CAO or lack both a CDO and CAO.


The chief technology officer position is among senior executives in IT companies. A CTO oversees the creation of new services and products and the enhancement of existing ones via means such as optimizing production performance, training and educating workers, and introducing new methods and procedures in software development. Future CDOs will ideally cto roles and responsibilities possess a combination of data management, AI and analytics skills, executive experience and the ability to measure value in business terms. With more than 20 years of product management experience, Fort joins Splunk from AWS and will play an instrumental role in continuing to evolve its market-leading product portfolio of software and cloud services.

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Avoid data breaches by ensuring that everyone who can access information is authorized. When updating the company org-chart, it might seem like a no-brainer to have the CDO report to the Chief Information Officer , but that is not the case. DataOps is an emerging concept that takes a process-oriented, automated, and collaborative approach to designing, implementing, and managing data workflows and a distributed data architecture. They are great employees to substitute for someone with sick leaves or to cover the position for several individual tasks.

West Virginia CIO Joshua Spence to step down

IBM Security also provided tips for how to prevent and mitigate data breaches. Kagansky said agencies are most concerned about the security of cloud environments. Only a month into his role working directly for state government, Kagansky said he’s still evaluating which agencies will move to the cloud and when, but that he hopes to announce a plan by the end of the quarter. Kagansky’s experience at AWS included four-and-a-half years working with Georgia state agencies, including its Department of Revenue. Deloitte Open Talent Find your next project—and the ones after that.

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Historical performance can teach you a lot about the future, and the pandemic has given us all another chance to decide how we want to work going forward. Also reporting directly to Carlson, Hockin will lead the global marketing team and support Splunk’s go-to-market efforts to transition customers to cloud. Over the past three years at Splunk, Hockin has championed major marketing transformations to reposition Splunk as a cloud-first company and scale customer engagement and growth. Shawnzia said that in conversations with her colleagues from other states, she learned the cloud chief role may be unique to Georgia.

Where to hire a CTO?

As such, the CCO is the ultimate custodian of cloud-related resources and components. Over the past decade, the percentage of mainstream companies adopting the CDO role has increased more than five-fold, from just 12% to 65%. However, the CDO’s role doesn’t necessarily dictate internal C-level status. About 44% of companies appoint an external change agent to handle CDO responsibilities compared to 23% that rely on company insiders, and only one-third of companies acknowledge that the CDO role is successful and established. While nearly half of respondents consider the CDO role “nascent and evolving,” 18% of companies struggle with CDO turnover, although that number decreased from the previous year.

Without a subpoena, voluntary compliance on the part of your Internet Service Provider, or additional records from a third party, information stored or retrieved for this purpose alone cannot usually be used to identify you. It can be an effective strategy to adopt a tool internally, train employees on it, use it, and then offer it to customers. You then have the added advantage of your workforce knowing the tool well and being able to support the customer journey better as a result. Like the CDO, the Chief Technology Officer is a role that sits under and reports to the CIO in a typical company.

CIOs and CDOs: Roles in Digital Transformation

Digitally savvy enterprises see data as an indispensable asset that requires the management and expertise of a senior-level executive who’s responsible for setting data strategy companywide. The CDO position is related to, but separate from, the job of the CIO. I haven’t lived this drastic of a change in work behavior since I packed up and moved to Australia in 2012. While a serious business climate, Aussies seem to have found work-life harmony. My days were filled meeting with customers and partners and the team, but nights and weekends were about family and friends.

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