bat whitepaper

Our mission is to help independent creators maximize revenue without compromising the integrity of their work. However, rumors have indicated that one Chinese address is holding a significant market share. Weirdly enough, this official blog post, explaining how to participate in the BAT sale, provided a Chinese translation. Interestingly, Brave was built with Chromium, Google’s open-source browser project, rather than Eich’s own Firefox.

bat whitepaper

Now he’s launching the Basic Attention Token (BAT) with Ethereum’s blockchain technology. This decentralized application could provide complete transparency across the digital advertising ecosystem. Ultimately, Eich’s goal is to eliminate fraud and unnecessary middlemen, while fairly distributing ad spend to publishers and viewers. BAT or Basic Attention Token is a utility token aiming to provide privacy-based web tools for advertisers and users to monetize attention on the web in a decentralized way via Blockchain-based technologies. Therefore, the BAT ecosystem moves around a browser (Brave), a privacy-based search engine (Brave Search), and a utility token (BAT).

BAT quick facts

Ad blocking capabilities and even an incentive based token ecosystem are features that any of these browsers could replicate if they choose to. The Brave privacy suite eliminates the need to go through this painful process and makes it faster and far less annoying to have a secure browsing experience. One click on the Brave icon and users are presented with a small menu that has simplified toggles to turn on and off the extensive security features in the browser settings. The foundation of Brave’s speed comes from the suite of built-in privacy and security features. You’ve all probably experienced websites loaded with advertisements, trackers, pop-ups, and banners that slow your device to a crawl as it tries to wade through the mountains of extraneous code.

Using tools such as attention measurement systems and machine learning-based algorithms allow marketers to extract as much data as they need to produce effective strategies better. In other words, BAT provides them an opportunity to utilize objective data to deliver personalized, user-friendly advertisements that reap high ROI. Basic Attention Token (BAT) is among the renowned cryptocurrency tokens that many people already know.

“ How Google and Facebook Have Taken Over the Digital Ad Industry ”

The primary goal of BAT is to resolve the arising issues in web browsing and web-based advertising using an innovative digital currency and blockchain technology. Currently, BAT is developed on top of Ethereum and integrated into Brave web browser as its native token. User privacy has become a casualty in an ever-increasing consumer-surveillance ad model that relies on tracking and profiling users.

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Brave claims loading times are 3-6x faster than other browsers, and I can tell it’s true. The Brave browser spent a long time in its beta period, but the first Brave 1.0 production version was finally released on November 13, 2019. This is a turning point for the internet, because this Brave browser is a speed demon, and heavily focused on the privacy of its users. With a cavalier approach to ad-blocking and the promise of BAT payouts, the Brave browser is now on the cusp of an explosion. The token and Brave project is quite an interesting one as it is trying to solve some fundamental problems that exist today with digital advertising. The Brave browser and its native Basic Attention Token (BAT) is one of the most revolutionary concepts in online digital advertising to date.

Decentralized Advertising with Basic Attention Token (BAT)

As highlighted in our January 2021 State of the BAT post, BAT already has tremendous utility. Over 3.8M Monthly Transacting Users have used BAT tokens in the platform, with over 13M Brave/BAT rewards wallets created to date. BAT is supported for utility with the following crypto credit/debit card providers, providing Crypto Wallets users with the option to send their BAT to be utilized for payments wherever Visa and MasterCard are supported. Brave has formed partnerships with Splinterlands and Gala Games, both of which have existing liquidity pools with their native tokens established on Uniswap. The potential for pairing BAT with native gaming utility tokens in liquidity pools is a natural evolution in the long-term strategy of growing Brave and BAT within the blockchain gaming community. And the Brave wallet is not only for Basic Attention Token — it will support many crypto assets with live and historical market data and prices built into it via CoinGecko.

  • BAT powers the Brave browser, although Brave users also have the option to opt-out of the BAT coin advertising model entirely and just use the browser on its own.
  • The expert team at BitIRA is standing by, ready and eager to help you through the process of setting up your BAT IRA or other crypto IRA account.
  • Either way, the SEC would have neither power nor jurisdiction to enforce American securities law in this case.
  • The Basic Attention Token is the native token that is used in the Brave ecosystem.

BAT utility has expanded beyond Brave Rewards, with BAT among the first assets supported as collateral by MakerDAO, Compound, and other leading DeFi protocols. Following previous State of the BAT posts from 2021 and 2022, the 2023 State of the BAT provides a snapshot of BAT stats, key accomplishments from 2022 and a look ahead at our goals for BAT in 2023. Gaming partners for in-game NFT auctions that require BAT for purchase, and for collaborative free board prices physical NFTs that include a collectible along with a digital NFT for use in gameplay. BAT utility has also grown beyond the Brave platform, into secondary utility channels and use cases. The exchange rate for BAT is set at 6,400 BAT per ETH, meaning that as the price of Ethereum climbs or falls, the price of BAT will be adjusted proportionally as well. This risk is higher with Cryptocurrencies due to markets being decentralized and non-regulated.


Users can tip and contribute to websites using the BAT in their Brave Rewards wallets. On some platforms (e.g., Twitter), users can tip tweeters by tipping individual tweets they like. Brave Rewards lets users redeem premium content, subscriptions, paywalls, gift cards, etc. with participating publishers and merchants. While the Brave browser represents the first “BAT-enabled application” and is currently the primary focus, the team intends to extend the BAT ecosystem beyond the Brave browser. One can purchase BAT tokens through regulated exchanges such as Uphold, Gemini, Coinbase, and through secondary exchanges that list BAT.

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Brave Rewards users with anonymous and verified user wallets will be able to utilize their earned BAT toward content, offers and other goods and services. In anticipation of concerns regarding fraud and privacy issues, the developers of Brave and BAT have built several security measures into the browser and digital token system. Crypto and DeFi are hard to use and the $330 billion digital advertising industry is failing users, publishers and advertisers. With Basic Attention Token and Brave we want to take Crypto to the next 1B users and solve the endemic inefficiencies and privacy violations hobbling the digital ad industry.

No fiduciary relationship, broker dealer relationship, principal agent relationship or other special relationship exists between BitIRA and its customers. A key difference between traditional browsers and Brave is that Brave Search (Brave’s private search engine) has its own independent index for measuring performance; Brave Search doesn’t track searches, users, or clicks. In 2017, Brave had its initial coin offering (ICO), in which it raised $35 million – in 30 seconds. Along with the ICO, Brave shared its Roadmap 1.0, highlighting its intent to use the BAT sale proceeds to fund the development of its platform.

bat whitepaper

The BAT system plans to quantify further and monetize user action related to digital advertisements in the future. Brave also helps to match up advertisements with customers based on machine learning algorithms to determine customer interests. Instead of forcing users to view ads, Brave rewards users for viewing ads, which in turn yields better results for the advertisers and promotes the growth of content creators who can receive tips from users.

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